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This is just a little corner of the Internet. Working toward a dream.. many dreams.

What do we do?

It Starts Here.


CCSN is small online Minecraft Creator Studio. We develop & produce in-game content for the game Minecraft, and it’s community.

Our goal as passionate creators is to push for the best outcome in our creativity and imagination, beyond even the mountains of our world.


And there’s plenty more where that came from!



Our Most Popular & Successful Release!

This piece of content brought many players quality, enjoyment and at no cost! This pack, even when not required. Was supported in many ways to an immense quantity! Over 400k players can back us up on that one. Time, care and festivity has and continues to make it’s way around the community. This release succeeded because it surpasses the community’s expectations, it connects with players, it was seamlessly adopted by the community and is vastly accessible to all who are capable of surfing the web.

How do we plan to contribute to the Marketplace?

We want to not only contribute to what amazing library the marketplace has to offer already, but advance our creative cloud and evolve it into an immersive & ambitious universe for all to explore!

We would like to see what our content can do for players from a whole new window. One big enough for all to reach and take full advantage of. We plan to not only make educational content but challenging & enjoyable content as well. Our top priority is to deliver content at the quality deserved and for a price unheard if attainable! We also plan to continue to share plenty of variety & excitement in skins for players! Going to greater lengths together!

As someone who has played, learned, created and shared plenty of memories and creations with others over the many years, using Minecraft. (8+ Years) I feel as though this is an amazing opportunity for CCSN to take it’s creations to another level!

Our journey is only beginning. – Mr. Vex

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