Office Creepers (Skin Pack) [GOLD SERIES]

In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

A conclusion to a 3 pack series of safe for work skins! Just as it was in previous packs, you receive a variety of office attire themed creeper skins. Except this time, not only do you receive 15 updated skin variants, we’ve added a bonus Gold variant into the mix. Get an early look at the golden creeper itself in the provided screenshots.

Gameplay Screenshots

Skins Included: 16 Items
  • White Office Creeper
  • Pink Office Creeper
  • Rose Office Creeper
  • Red Office Creeper
  • Orange Office Creeper
  • Copper Office Creeper
  • Yellow Office Creeper
  • Green Office Creeper
  • Emerald Office Creeper
  • Jade Office Creeper
  • Mint Office Creeper
  • Cyan Office Creeper
  • Blue Office Creeper
  • Purple Office Creeper
  • Black Office Creeper
  • Gold Office Creeper (Bonus)
Content Credits:
  • Mr. Vex – [Solo Piece]


Download Size: 32KB – MCPACK

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