CCSN News – 04/15/2021

CCSN is Expanding To Roblox!

Yes you heard.. read that right!

As of February 2021, we have been making some changes and have been in the works with many projects. We’re excited yo announce that we have established a group over on the official Roblox platform! What should you expect when checking out our Roblox Branch? View the screenshot above of our about section, which you can also find by visiting our group through the following: CCSN’s Official Roblox Group. As displayed above, we look forward to extending our reach with content creation and through this, bringing you unique and quality experiences on the Roblox platform for all to enjoy! We thank you for your patience and continued support throughout the past few months. Stay tuned for more news covering the development and upbringing of this newly opened branch right here on CCSN. With that being said, we have some Minecraft news to share with you all as we continue through today’s CCSN News!

New Content Release Available!

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition | Skin Pack

The winter season is officially over.. for most at least. For these little critters, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining brighter than it has been lately. It’s spring season, and these friends are looking to live it up to the max! Click here to view the pack’s contents in full: Spring Friends (Skin Pack)

NOTE: Will be made available tomorrow, (April 16th, 2021) at 10:00am PST!

Content Labs Update!

Content Creation & Direction Plans

Our Creative Department here at CCSN would like to update everyone on a new approach we’ve decided to take with CCSN’s content direction and processes.

For starters, we would like to announce that CCSN will be expanding they’re horizons with releases going forward. This includes different varieties of content types such as: Skin Packs, Texture Packs, Worlds and More! We want to allow players to explore our library to the fullest by expanding our reach in many different content directions and variations. We want to give players the freedom and ability to experience CCSN for more than fancy attire. Starting in Spring of 2021, our labs will be firing up and working harder than ever before, in order to bring to life the creative & ambitious visions of our developers here at CCSN. This also includes our Roblox Department.

Thank you so much from one Minecraft/Roblox enthusiast to another, the team is fully committed to putting a smile on your face and filling your experience with satisfaction and continuous fun.

Fixes & Changes!

WEEK 4/11/2021 | Content & Display
  • Skin Pack Selection Display Has Been Updated!
    • Each respective skin pack on the Skin Packs page will now have their own background case.
    • The font for each skin pack within the selection portion has been made darker to fit the new background case changes.
  • Select Skin Packs Have Been Updated!
    • Office Creepers (Skin Pack) [WHITE SERIES] Download Path has been updated to a more preferred and requested method.
    • Office Creepers (Skin Pack) [GOLD SERIES] Download Path has been updated to a more preferred and requested method.
      • NOTE: Skin Packs that have not yet received this change are planned to be added to the queue for this update.
  • Skin Selection Display In-Game Has Been Fixed!
    • All future skin packs (including: Spring Friends), will have proper name displays. Before this change; when selecting a skin from a skin pack, the display name would appear like so: “ccsn.cwcsp2.SKIN-NAME” Now the display name should appear as: “SKIN-NAME”
      • NOTE: This change was made to reduce any potential clutter when viewing skins going forward, and to ultimately deliver a more professional and clean piece of content.

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Have A Great Day! – Team CCSN

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