CCSN News – 12/1/2020

CCSN’s Among Us (Skin Pack) – Update v1.1 Released!

Today is the day, not only is it the first day of December but the day we’re releasing our Community Combos & Holidays Update for CCSN’s Among Us (Skin Pack). Featured in this update are 8 new skins! 5 combos & 3 holiday skins. We hope you enjoy the new additions to the among us family here at CCSN. Wanna get your hands on this new update? Follow the link here: CCSN’s Among Us (Skin Pack) Happy Holidays Everyone! – Team CCSN

Upcoming Release – Christmas With Creepers 2020 (Skin Pack)

Hello Winter!

The release of Christmas With Creepers 2020 will air next Tuesday at 10am PDT! It will feature 5 brand new skins taking on the elements of winter, as shown above. Can’t wait to dive into this one with you all! More info to come as time and Winter grow nearer.

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