Welcome To SHiFT

The team working super hard here are VERY excited and proud to present to you, CCSN SHiFT.

Hello World! Team CCSN here, and we’re here to tell you that we have finally emerged from our quiet place and are back. Better than ever!

We’ve been working on some hopefully juicy stuff for you all to enjoy, and we hope to have your hand on this journey as we continue to push forward and seek out new innovations & improvements for our community. Once again, we are super excited to share plenty of great news with you all on what we’ve been working on and what we have planned for the future. Thank you for all of your support given to CCSN, we hope to grow as time grows, as we all grow. – Team CCSN

What is SHiFT?

CCSN SHiFT, is the nickname we’ve given our new reboot update for CCSN as a whole. You’ll notice this isn’t even the same site you may have gotten used to seeing from us over the past couple of years or so now. For the first time since launch, we’ve redesigned the layouts & back alleyways of our site to not only treat it with a new coat of paint but to improve upon what has been in need of improvements for a while now. Long-Story-Short: New Look means new CCSN. If you would like more details on what exactly has changed in SHiFT, you may continue reading as we’ve got all the specs down below for ya! We hope you approve of our efforts in delivering a better experience to you, the community. We look forward to all of the feedback & fun we’re going to have as time goes on. Thank you!

Everything SHiFT

New Paint Job

The entire site has received this new look your seeing, and we think it looks REALLY good! From a simple dark grey-ish, almost black foundation to a brightly lit white panel, with sleek UI and a hopefully easier-to-get-around layout for you to utilize.

Content Menu (Updated!)

We felt like since the site as a whole was getting a new nametag, we thought we’d make our rounds and begin to make improvements to everything! This one being the one of many we touched up on. The previous version of this menu was pretty boring, and we didn’t feel like it showed enough so… Now when you visit this menu, each content category will display the latest releases in that category as you browse the menu. (Essentially displaying slides of the most recently added pieces of content in those categories.)

Contact Menu (Updated!)

As we stated in the block above this one, we made our rounds. Next was the contact menu and we’ll be honest, not too much was changed here considering the fresh coat kind of did most of the work. Not to mention that prior to this update, this used to be the support tab so it’s purpose was pretty linear, which meant no getting too fancy on this one. However, we did touch up the layout of this menu just a bit. Enough for it to still serve it’s direct purpose that is, while still fitting in with it’s new brothers & sisters here on the site. You now also have quick access to all of our social networks here as we’ve included our little bubbles which can be located on the left side of the menu. (Located to the left of where you fill out the contact info.)

Skin Packs (Updated!)

Now going back to content related matters. The skin packs catalog has received some treatment as well. In the skin packs library, just about everything has gotten some love thrown at it. With each piece of content you pass by, we’ve made them all nice & neatly compact for you so you aren’t scrolling your way down a staircase. All necessary front page info will be displayed right there as you browse. (This includes: Pack Title, Release Date, # of Skins, Etc.)

Content Pages (Updated!)

Along with the front Skin Packs menu, we went through and did every individual piece of active/current content release a favor. We cleaned up & renewed all current pages so when you wanna check out a skin pack or share it to friends & folks, you won’t have to worry about coming home to a mess! (Download panels have been cleaned up, Skin Showcase & Gameplay Screenshots have also been updated for easy access.)

We just would like to give out a final shout of thanks and appreciation for our community, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Be on the lookout for any news & updates of any kind by following our site via email.

Thanks for checking out CCSN SHiFT.
If you have any questions, please reach out through our Contact menu.
Have A Great Day! – Team CCSN

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