CCSN News – 12/28/2019

New Skin Pack Available Now!

novaskin-minecraft-wallpaper (1)

Looks like the Grinch found a new friend? – Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself here: Holiday Creeper Buddies (Skin Pack)



2020 News Schedule!

You may have noticed that we today’s post is on a Saturday which never happens. But going forward into 2020 we are breaking the unneeded barrier that we have made for ourselves which is Wednesday & Friday posts. Not too flexible if you ask us, so we’re changing that. You can find news from CCSN on any day of the week now! With some exceptions on the weekend like this one. But be on the lookout for Fridays still as we’re saving those days for major juicy stuff!

We’re also changing up our format a bit also. We thought it’d be important to share this information with you as it is you who keep this place running and pumping out more & more ideas, as well as put smiles on our faces!

Anyways we hope you all enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful new years!

~ Team CCSN



That covers all of CCSN NEWS for today.

We appreciate all given support.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post or contact us through the support center.

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