CCSN News – 11/6/2019

Update to Terms & Conditions!

We plan to implament new information to our Terms & Conditions tab. Keep in mind that we do not plan to change what is currently effective but only make an addition to what is already there. Here are the details:

New Terms: Content

Your access to and use of the content is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the content.

The content provided here on CCSN or by any other verified partners is official CCSN content. Finding this content anywhere else without permission or verification means that it is stolen and will be taken as an act of infringement. Please do not encourage or promote misuse of our content.

In order to publish this content on you’re or a website other than the ones that are verifed partners, you must contact us through our official site in the support tab stating you would like to acquire the permissions to publish this content. If successfully verifed, you must leave our watermarks visible for the public. Providing credit in some form is required. Claiming ownership of the content will be taken as an act of infringment and the individual or a greater figure such as; Websites, Companies, Businesses, Networks, etc; will be terminated from the partners listing. Proccesses for how you can re-gain verification is yet to be established but will be provided as time goes on.

You may only share this content by providing links to our official pages. (If not gained the permissions of publishing or if you would like to share but do not have a website to publish on.)

You may record or stream this content on social media sites.

You my not monetize and or profit from the content as CCSN does not abide with producing paid content at this time. If you wish to monetize this content in any way you must become a verified partner of CCSN. Details on this proccess are not yet estalished but are planned for implementation. Monetization/Profiting includes; (1) Placing ads on the content or having ads tied to the content in any way. (2) Using any images or the content itself to promote something. (3) Creating a paywall to access the content.

This is all we have to present as of right now. The details for when these terms will take place are displayed below.

Effective Date: Nov 22, 2019 – 10:00am PDT.

In addition to this news, a Partners tab will be added in preparation for these new terms. They can be located at the top of the site. (May appear as a Menu button for some.)



Skin Pack Update – 03.2211.19 Coming Soon!

This update will feature a few quality of life improvments to some of the skin packs. The update is set to release alongside a new content drop later on this month and will be applied to all future skin packs by default.


  • Skin Pack Descriptions will feature a new section called Content Credits. This feature pretty much will shoutout the people, partners, software, music, etc; involed in the makings of said content.
  • The Skin Listing will be removed and instead will merge with Skin Showcase. The names of the respective skin will be placed above the skin in their individual Skin Showcase frames. An example of this will be best explained by the time the latest content release arrives.



Some Fixes & Changes!
  • Site Wallpaper has been reverted to a Fall scenery.
  • The Office Creepers Skin Pack [Black Series]; not displaying as intended in the Skin Packs library has been fixed.



That covers all of CCSN NEWS for today.

We appreciate all given support.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post or contact us through the support center.

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