CCSN News – 10/2/2019

New Roadmap!


Fall Roadmap


+ New Wallpaper
+ Fall Roadmap 2019 - November



Office Creepers Skin Pack [BLACK SERIES] – Launch Reports

CCSN is happy to share that the: Office Creepers Skin Pack [BLACK SERIES] has been a huge success for us! Within the first week of it’s release, it has managed to accumulate around 1.9k+ downloads. Our last recording for our skin packs here on the site was back when Creeper Love Squad made it’s debut. We recorded 500+ downloads, so in other words.. you’ve broken our week 1 record for skin pack downloads! We’re extremely happy and thankful to have recieved this much support. As of today this pack stands at a 4.6 star rating over at MCPEdl! We thank you all so much for all the great feedback and love you have given us lately. We can’t wait to get more stuff out for you here at CCSN. Be on the lookout for more content sometime soon!



That covers all of CCSN NEWS for today.

We appreciate all given support to CCSN.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post or contact us through the support center.

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