CCSN News – 9/18/2019

Skin Pack Update Clarification!

We apologize for the confusion with the skin pack updates. For clarification read below:

Skin Pack Update – 01.1406.19: Features Skin Showcase, Featured Images of In-Game Use, Further Details Within Pack Description etc. (Launched alongside TCSP back in June on 6/14/2019.)

Skin Pack Update – 02.1809.19: Features The Long-Awaited MCPACK Format. (Launched today on 9/18/2019.)

So although, 01 came out back in June. The previous 2 packs before the Toy Creepers Skin Pack, had yet to receive this update. (Scheduled to receive this update on 9/20/2019.)

We just wanted to make sure that all packs were up to speed with 02, as it serves as a far more vital update to our packs. Players have been requesting mcpack for a while now so we wanted to deliver. Once we were sure this launch made it, we then wanted to push out 01 (aka: quality of life update) shortly afterward. Hopefully we weren’t too messy with our breakdown of how we had this planned out.



Skin Pack Update – 02.1809.19 Is Here!

The much-requested update is here at your very doorstep. With this update, you now have nothing to worry about when downloading your skin packs from us! It’s as simple as 123. Also making it easier to share with others as well. If you haven’t downloaded one of our packs yet because of this issue, you can now! Browse our Skin Pack Library and give it a go.

Skin Pack Update – 02.1809.19: Changes

  • Skin Packs can now be downloaded via ZIP or MCPACK now.


Thank you for your patients and feedback!



That covers all of CCSN NEWS for today.

We appreciate all given support to CCSN.

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