CCSN News – 9/4/2019


Welcome to the first CCSN News of September 2019 – There’s quite a bit to cover so strap yourselves in tight!

First we wanna start off by apologizing for the quietness once again, we’ve been prepping and working on multiple fronts. Which means the Creation Labs are going to be fired up very soon and you can expect our Newsletter to be spamming your inbox a bit also.

Now as far as why the quietness, well since we’ve been super patchy in the past. We needed to have multiple things established. One being our “Content Calendar” or at least that’s what we like to call it at the moment, but it isn’t official. This pretty much is our schedule for just about everything content wise. We’ll show you what we mean:


CCSN Content Calendar

January - S4/PP
February - S4/PP
March - CP1
April - S1/PP
May - S1/PP
June - S2/PP
July - S2/PP
August - CP2
September - S3/PP
October - S3/PP
November - S3/PP
December - S4/PP

The Content Calendar is what we’ll be looking at throughout the year. Now of course this isn’t exactly what it’s like but this is a basic version of it. To also give further context here is a mini-legend to know what this list is displaying:

S1=Season 1 or Set 1

Season 1 = Spring

Season 2 = Summer

Season 3 = Fall

Season 4 = Winter

CP1=Collecting Period 1

PP=Production Period

Seasons are pretty self-explanatory but Collecting periods happen twice a year at somewhat opposite ends of the year. We use seasons to measure how much we plan ahead during the Collecting Periods. In this case 2 seasons, and since August just passed we’re sure you know why we were so quiet. Pretty much just think of them as certain months out of the year where we have massive brainstorming sessions.

If you read through this opener then we thank you for taking the time to see a little bit of what we’re working with. Now with that being said, onto the rest of today’s news!



New Format Coming To Skin Packs!

You asked and we listened. For a little while now we’ve gotten a bit of feedback on how zipping our content may have not been the best way to do it. Earlier this week we started working on a new way to deliver content to the players. This is a little sneak peak of what you’ll be getting fairly soon.


“geometry”: “skinpacks/skins.json”,
“skins”: [
“localization_name”: “ccsnBC”,
“geometry”: “geometry.humanoid.custom”,
“texture”: “”,
“type”: “free”

More info on this very soon!



Content: Status Update

As we discussed back in July, we have been working on a plan better suited for us here at CCSN so we’re not pulling out of projects, delaying or cancelling releases. We’ve broken down a majority of the issues now and can start producing more content, more consistently with potentially greater quality.

As of right now we’re preparing quite a few things to share with you all very very soon here on CCSN alongside a few tweaks to previous releases. Here are some things to expect in the near future:

  • Fall Roadmap of 2019
  • New Skin Pack Format
  • Updates To Previous Releases

More info on this very soon!



That covers all of CCSN NEWS for today.

We appreciate all given support to CCSN.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post or contact us through the support center.

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