CCSN NEWS – 2/1/2019

CCSN on Facebook!

Hello Everyone, how’s 2019 been for ya so far? We’re here to tell you that CCSN will be  on Facebook now. Another way for us to connect and for better flexibility throughout being apart of this awesome community! We look forward to interacting and having a blast with you all on there!

Facebook Page:


Upcoming Events!

We know it’s been pretty quiet here around CCSN, but only because we’ve been planning & working on a direction for us to go in 2019. We have a path, but how we’ll get over the rocks & rivers is what we’ve been looking at during most of this month. February is where CCSN will make their first move in 2019, so expect plenty more activity going forward!


Process of Future Releases!

We realized a bit of an issue with our content the first time around and so we plan to try & fix it for future releases. We plan to make our content a little less exclusive and not as big of a stretch to discover. So what do we plan to do exactly? We plan to expand our content of course but just how?

Starting February of this year CCSN will be pushing to make it’s content available on not only CCSN.G but also MCPEdl. A great hub of Minecraft content that has been used for years to share some pretty crazy stuff. We’ll be spreading the word of new releases via our site, CCSN.ig/Instagram and We’re pretty excited to see where 2019 takes us & the Minecraft Community.


To wrap up CCSN News for today. We appreciate all the support and any incoming support we may receive down the road!

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post or contact us through the support center.

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