CCSN NEWS – 1/16/2019

CCSN is Back From Break!

We are back from holiday break everyone, we hope yours was just as amazing as ours! We can’t wait to dig into what plans we have in 2019 for you all. Further details regarding plans etc, will be discussed sometime later down the road. So stay tuned everyone and Happy New Year to all!


Helping Hand in Nail Cosmetics!

A dear friend of ours started a campaign sometime ago that we’d like to give a shout! The ones who started this campaign are in need of help, a push to get them started on they’re new business! They plan to make an amazing alternative for your average nail polish by giving you natural, more durable, harmless, healthy Gel Polish Products! We feel they say it best through they’re post so by following the link just below you can find the full story and maybe drop a little tip for the fundraiser that is running.


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