The Journey Begins

Hello Everyone!

Welcome To CCSN, A Small Thing Really. Hoping To Maybe Be Something Out of This World One Day.. well giver-take.

CCSN? It could be many things but what it is right now or what I would like it to be is a Minecraft Creator Studio for the MC community. Not the most eye popping with our games at the moment, or at least I don’t so really. Right now we’re working on a MC title called SoulCraft, that’s it’s general title I suppose. Just like anyone’s creation, it’s a thought, an idea. Then becomes a major thought, a major idea, AND THEN! A prototype I guess you can say, becomes a project that for some reason you put hours into each and every day & night knowing that the likeliness of it being anything to the rest of the world is probably very small but again, for some reason it doesn’t set off the chain reaction leading to what you would normally call doubt or lack of passion within the moment. So what do I do? I keep on thinking, keep in typing, keep on cataloging… I keep dreaming as I ride the rainbow leading me straight to the pot of gold on the other side. It’s almost like you love the feeling of giving yourself hard work all of a sudden even when there’s no prize at the end, no medals, trophies. No nothing, nothing other than your mind striving for something amazing and that alone is enough to satisfy you. But it’s something so close to you, so interesting to you, something that opens up the gateway to the limitless potential stored up in each and every one of us. That being our imagination, and what adds extra flavor or color to the mix? A little something I’d like to call inspiration my friend. It’s almost like what the man himself said once…

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world”. -Albert Einstein

And all that happened in just the past week. Well that’s it from me for now. I hope you enjoyed my spark story and hopefully many to come in the future.

Take Care Now – JTK


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